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LearningLink Clinical Update is a twice-monthly e-newsletter that provides a concise review of key articles and studies published in the core clinical journals over the preceding two weeks. Written and edited by family physicians, Clinical Update is delivered in several formats so readers can access information when and where they need it.


PDF (Adobe Acrobat)

Download the twice-monthly LearningLink Clinical Update here.


First-time users
Install the RediReader for iPhone application:

To install from your device (iPhone™, iPod touch™, iPad™):

  1. Go to the App store on your device.
  2. Type in the search term "Redi-Reader."
  3. Download the Redi-Reader app.

To install from your computer:

  1. Download iTunes (unless you already have the program on your computer).
  2. Open iTunes and go to the iTunes App Store.
  3. Type in the search term "Redi-Reader."
  4. Download the Redi-Reader app to iTunes™.
  5. Sync the Redi-Reader app to your iPhone™, iPod touch™ or iPad™.

Once the RediReader for iPhone is downloaded, just download the Clinical Update every two weeks.

Once the RediReader App is installed – Open the RediReader App, select “device” on the lower right hand side of the screen, then select “…” (more) in the upper right hand corner of the screen, then select  “download new content”, then tap “choose application” and select “LearningLink”. Tap “done” and you will be taken to the LearningLink download page. Select “Clinical Update” to download the latest Clinical Update to your iPhone. A window will come up that asks you to “Save Target To,” just select “Current Folder” and save. The Clinical Update will be downloaded in real-time and you can then open it.


How to subscribe – Search the iTunes Store under “Podcasts” for “LearningLink Clinical Update.” Click “Subscribe” to start your free subscription to the podcast. Once you have subscribed, the latest podcast will automatically appear in your iTunes podcast list within a day of release.

The following link can be used to access the podcast from your computer or other device, even if you don't have an iPhone/iPod/iPad:

Palm OS/Pocket PC

First-time users
Download the RediReader application and install it on your device:

  • RediReader for Palm OS® is a document reader created by Redi-Reference, which provides physicians with access to up-to-date information written specifically for handheld computers. You can download RediReader by clicking the link provided - RediReader for Palm OS® .
  • Pocket PCs and Windows Mobile device users should download and install the file: RediReaderPPCInstall which installs the document reader for the handheld versions of the guidelines.

Once the RediReader App is downloaded, just download the latest edition of LearningLink Clinical Update and sync it with your device.

Blackberry, Droid, Windows Mobile and Other Devices

First-time users – Clinical Update files can be accessed by purchasing iSilo™, a highly versatile document reader. Find information about installing iSilo on your device here.

Once iSilo is installed – Simply follow the instructions for downloading files listed under instructions for iPhone. Note that iSilo will not take you automatically to download the Clinical Update; you will have to manually enter the following in the address bar:



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